Wednesday Thriftin’ 2/5/2020


Good Afternoon! I am so excited to share some of the cool things I found while I was browsing/shopping at the thrift store today! I’ve really been looking for a basket to hang on a gallery wall as a filler… and I finally found one! I think it’ll be really cool and I’m excited to share the photos once I get it hung up! Along with the basket, I brought a few other things home. But before I show you those things, I want to share some of the cool stuff that I didn’t end up bringing home!

Magazine holders remind me of being at my older relatives homes whenever I was growing up. I’ve seen a few of these around lately and I think they’re so neat, but I just didn’t know where to put it.  It was also almost $5, which was a little more than I wanted to pay (if you know me, you know I’m frugal even at the Goodwill!). If it’s still there next week, I may grab it. It was really sturdy and heavy which was good, and it definitely could have been painted and distressed if you wanted to update it. It’s one thing to grab something just because it reminds you of a memory– But nostalgic, functional pieces are always better! I learned quickly (especially after moving a few times in the past few years) that just because you think something is cool, doesn’t mean you NEED it. Remember that it does take up space so make sure you can use it!

IMG_4818       IMG_4819


This was also a functional piece that would be perfect for an entryway for incoming/outgoing mail, as well as keys or to hang the dog leash.  It would have matched the black chairs/accents in our dining room perfectly as well, but it was $10.  It was also really heavy and I was worried about it falling off of our (not very thick) wall.  I’ve seen this type of thing hung on the sides of refrigerators for easy organization of papers in the kitchen too! I’m all for decluttering, especially decluttering paper!



Here she is… The Mirror. I thought this was beautiful! The color and design is very similar to the sconces I found and hung last week so my eyes lit up whenever I saw it.  Much to my chagrin, I wasn’t prepared to spend $30 (nor would it fit in my vehicle–I know, bummer).  Thrift stores are a great place to look for mirrors (I’ll show you the one I actually bought a little later).  They also sometimes have large, pretty frames that look just like this. Just because you don’t love the print inside, doesn’t mean you can’t snag it just for the frame!



Another aisle you should not skip in the thrift store is the aisle with all of the faux floral and greenery– You may find a little gem like this one! Here’s a tip… Even if you don’t love the florals already attached to a wreath, you can replace them! Check out the wreath underneath and see if it’s a base you do like! This would look cool with some greenery woven through, or even some fresh herbs woven or hot glued on among some flowers for on your front door.  That way, whenever anyone walks through your door, they catch a whiff of the fresh herbs on the way in. I know that would make me super happy upon entering any doorway!



The last item (or set of items) that caught my eye today were these candlesticks. They were all different heights which is why I originally spotted them! I think these would be a beautiful addition to a centerpiece or a dining room tablescape.  If they weren’t $2.42 a piece, I probably would have bought them.  I imagine lit candlesticks in them on a holiday table or just for a classic, elegant dining room table.

IMG_4824     IMG_4825


Now, onto the things I did end up bringing home!


I don’t usually go through the game/puzzle aisle because I never trust that any of the boxes actually contain all of the pieces, but this one was still wrapped so I felt safe here.  Puzzles are challenging and cool, and it’ll give me something to do in my free time!



Here is the mirror I did buy.  It needs the paint touched up a bit, but nothing a little chalk paint can’t take care of. Hanging mirrors on a wall can add brightness to a space and even make your room feel larger! This can be a game changer in a small home, and especially in a rental home where demo is not an option to create a more open space.

IMG_4828      IMG_4829

This basket is something I’ve been looking for on my last few trips to the thrift store.  Using baskets as fillers on a gallery wall, or using a variety of baskets together to create a cool decorative area on a wall is a great idea!  It’s such a great way to add texture to a room, and can also give it a natural or earthy feel!

IMG_4830         IMG_4831


Not too fancy, but again… functional!  I needed some small frames, and four for $2.92 was right up my alley.  Sometimes useful things like this can just be laying around in the “knick knack” sections of the thrift store and photo frames are always a good thing to have on hand.



I don’t usually thrift clothes because frankly, I don’t need more clothes.  Another thing moving has taught me.  If you haven’t worn it in 6 months and it holds no sentimental value, throw it in the donation pile. I couldn’t pass up on this shirt for obvious reasons!



Lastly, I really loved this full length dress! (If only I had that big mirror to show you the whole thing!) I’ll post a photo once I do put an outfit together surrounding this, but it was unexpected and cute and sometimes you have to grab things that speak to you like that!


I’m so happy to be able to share these finds with you and can’t wait to see what I can thrift next week!



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