Wednesday Thriftin’ 1/22/20

Okay so this week I hit the jackpot at Goodwill… and it was for things I wasn’t even necessarily looking for! I went in looking for baskets to hang as wall decor as fillers on a gallery wall and walked out with a bunch of brand new opportunities for decor!


This video shows everything I ended up buying and bringing home but I wanted to show you some better photos and explain further what I plan to do with everything! But first, here are the things I loved but didn’t end up bringing home for one reason or another.

I went in for baskets, so that’s where I spent most of my time exploring in the store.  I loved this little thing! I thought the individual compartments were so cool. This would be perfect in a bathroom to hold makeup, small towels/washcloths, or toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other items you have laying on your countertop! While I loved this, I decided to pass because at almost $5, it was a little high priced for such a small item. Although… if it’s still there next time I go in, I may decide to grab it because it would be perfect in our guest bathroom!



This was another basket I really loved. It was only $2.97, which was more than reasonable for the size. The only reason I didn’t get it was because I didn’t love the color and I didn’t know how a different stain would look on top of it, but the X’s on the side were so pretty and it was in great condition! I decided to pass and leave it for someone who could fit this color into their home (without ruining the quality by trying to stain it like I probably would have).IMG_4586


Another thing that I always check out when I’m at the thrift store is the glassware. I love finding different colors of glass! Even the ones with a subtle color like this green are so pretty. If you’re looking for accents for a room or area, this is a great way to subtly tie in colors you want to accentuate without being too bright and forward with them. I didn’t need anything green, especially not for $6, but this would look great with flowers such as hydrangeas or tulips with the stems cut shorter to fit!IMG_4587


This basket also caught my eye. I’ve been dreaming about having a herringbone pattern wood floor in our home one day.  Until we live in a home where I have control over the floors, I can still incorporate the pattern in other ways. It was $5 also which is why I decided to pass on it.



Now on to what I did bring home!


While I didn’t find brass candlesticks, I did find something similar. I’ve been trying to decide on a few things to fill the spaces on the gallery walls I’m putting together.  These two are plastic but I really like them! They were less than $2 a piece. I thought about painting them but once I brought them in the house and saw them against the other things I have on the wall, I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave them the way they are.



These ones are similar, but they’re ceramic. They were $1.91 a piece and they’re way heavier than they look. I was going to chalk paint them white, but the more I look at them, the more I want to repaint them gold and freshen them up.



This may be my favorite! The details on it are so pretty! I’m going to attempt to clean and shine it up– then I can’t wait to hang it up!



I don’t know when I started loving metal accents so much, but this caught my eye and I had to have it! It was $1.91 and came with the greenery attached. I thought it would be perfect for a coffee table accent. Small things like this can bring a pop of brightness in an otherwise neutral area. Not to mention, it’s a plant that I don’t have to worry about keeping alive!


This was in the basket section as well. I love using baskets to bring texture to a space. I’m going to use this as a tray on the coffee table or possibly on the end of the guest bed. I do like the lighter color, but it’s a little dirty. If I’m not able to clean it completely, I may try to stain it darker to match the rest of the wood in the living room. That’s another beautiful thing when it comes to thrift store finds– if you don’t love it, you can always paint or stain it!



The last thing I got was this set of acrylic place mats. They need a little cleaning and TLC, but I can’t wait to put these out! My plan is to use them as place settings once we get a larger dining room table. I think they’ll bring so much character to the room and the red will really pop against the black and white dining room color scheme!



Can’t wait to share how these projects turn out and see what else I can find in the future!

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