Dollar Store Halloween Dining Table

So my plan for this post was to have all the links available for you to be able to purchase the items I used for my Halloween dining room table decorations! However, much to my chagrin, the items are no longer available online and therefore I can’t post the exact links… BOO (no Halloween pun intended…). Anyways, I’m still going to include photos of the items I used and links for the items that are still available online!

Okay so I said I wanted to create a post of my Dollar Tree Halloween decorations and I’m starting out by showing you the decoration I did not buy at the Dollar Tree… But to be fair, this one was technically free.  I took this frame that I had leftover from our wedding decorations a few years ago and filled it with a skull image I found by googling “Halloween Skull.”  Also, since I’ve had this frame up, I’ve switched the photo out for a piece of Christmas sheet music for the holidays, and it’s currently holding a print of random watercolor greenery to get ready for Spring! If you have empty frames in your closet or see any while you’re at the thrift store, you can always grab them for this project!  Super cool and so easy to change out for each season.


This may have been my favorite table setting EVER.  I got so many compliments on it and everyone was shocked when I said I got most of it at the Dollar Tree! I really wanted to be able to link the little animal skeletons but unfortunately they’re no longer available online.  They did have a ton at the Dollar Tree around Halloween though so I’m willing to bet that when the end of summer rolls around again, they’ll have something similar, if not the same ones! This particular one is a rat. It was spooky and cute and I loved it. I got two rats and two birds (you’ll see those later) and alternated them on top of the dishes. The black dishes are still available online, and I’m sure each store varies, but they do usually carry a wide variety of dishes in store and they’re great!

Link for the black side dish.

The marble plate is also from the Dollar Tree.  While the black side dish is heavy glass, this marble one is plastic. We didn’t actually eat on them so I’m not sure how it would hold up, but it looked really nice layered up between the white Bone China dish and the small black one.

Link for the marble plate.

The tall black candles are Dollar Tree, but they don’t currently have that color in stock. I’m sure it was just available for Halloween, but they do still have other colors available in case you wanted to add them to your current table. They’re pretty and add height and dimension to your table!

Link for the candles.

The table runner is also still in stock! They actually have a bunch of different colors which are great to have on hand.  Changing out the runner on your table is an easy way to lay the foundation for the style or holiday you’re decorating for.

Link for the table runner.


These signs are no longer available online either because they’re out of season, but they had a bunch of different ones! They weren’t very large, maybe 12″ tall and 7 or 8″ wide, but they were the perfect thing to hang in a window or on your door as a cute accent for your trick or treaters to appreciate!


Here is one of the birds I grabbed to alternate between the rats. I never in a million years thought I’d be typing that sentence anywhere, but here we are. They’re no longer available online to link because of the season, but again, they’re something to keep an eye out for after summer ends!

I was so hoping I’d be able to find the link for the galvanized metal charger but the store where I got them last year is going out of business! I did find a similar one from Hobby Lobby, it just doesn’t have the detail on the outer edge. I’ve said it before, I love charger plates on a table. They’re a great way to break up a stack of dishes with a cool pattern or texture and they’re usually pretty affordable. Check out my Wednesday Thriftin’ post here to see a cool set I found at my local Goodwill.

Hobby Lobby Metal Charger.

Lastly, and possibly the most exciting (at least to me because I’m a nerd for white dishes), that white dish on the bottom! This particular set is from Bed, Bath and Beyond and is a little more expensive but I saved up and used a coupon I had one year to grab the whole set because I loved them! That’s not the exciting part. Here it goes. When I was looking for the links for the other dishes in this post, I found that the Dollar Tree now carries a White Beaded Dinnerware Collection! GASP! They’re so pretty and I’m going to buy 200 of them right now. Not really, but one thing I love more than a white dish, is a white dish with a beaded accent! So if you’re looking for beautiful, inexpensive dishes for your dining table, here is a great option!

White Beaded Dinnerware.



I hope this was helpful to you! I’m sorry that I was unable to link some of the items due to them being out of season, but I hope that you at least got a few ideas for your own interchangeable, seasonal dining table!

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