Wednesday Decor Thriftin’ 1/15/20


Here is the first of (hopefully) many posts of my thrifting adventures! I love going to Goodwill (and other thrift stores) to look for cool home decor items! Because this is the first post, I decided to go with a before and after video, as well as photos of other cool things I saw along the way… The video will explain more about that!

So here it goes!

(Editors Note: I definitely thought my book titles would have showed up backwards because I couldn’t figure out my camera for some reason… But they weren’t backwards so crisis averted!)

Here is that BEAUTIFUL (not necessarily the color situation) huge pitcher and bowl! There are a ton of photos of these in that cobalt blue color and pattern floating around right now! I’ve seen them with greenery in them as a centerpiece on a dining or coffee table and I love it! Unfortunately, this one was priced at $25, which is outrageously out of my Goodwill price range! I probably wouldn’t pay more than $12… so if you’re out there $12 pitcher and bowl, I’m on the hunt for you!


Something else I’m always looking out for are brass candlesticks. They’re so cool and there are so many out there in different styles and sizes that it makes for a really neat setup on a dining table or shelf! This one was a version that would be hung on a wall but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for… It was priced at $7, which is also out of my price range for a single piece. However, if there had been two of them listed at a lower price, I may have snagged them to hang on either side of a large photo or as accents on a gallery wall.


This is the heavier than heck wooden bowl that my new thrifting buddy snagged! It was pretty large and I believe about $8. It was a really cool piece, it just wasn’t something I had a place for right now. I’m always sifting through the basket section because they are a really affordable and easy way to add texture to a space! The woman who purchased it said she was going to paint the bowl to look like terracotta, which is a great idea! Just because you don’t love the color or stain on something you thrift doesn’t mean you can’t change it in an affordable way as well! (She also had those pedestals in the background in her basket which I thought were cool too!)


“You are fanSTACHEtic… Thanks for combing!” This is one of those silly things that you inevitably come across in any thrift store. Someone owned this and decided they no longer needed it. Even funnier, there was another one exactly like it on the next shelf! I wonder what event this person attended where they handed these out as a favor?!


These were the smaller vases I almost purchased. I love that little detail of blue! For only $0.85, I probably should have grabbed them… but one had a crack and they were a little small for the place I would have wanted to use them.. I’ve found that it’s easiest to have a color or group of colors in mind before you go.  That way you can have your mind ready to notice items with that color as an accent or tiny detail like this blue!  Side note: As I was taking this photo, a woman walked past me and said, “Oh I like those ducks too!” After all, they did fit the blue aesthetic I was after…


Didn’t need this at all, but it sure was snazzy! I don’t always look for clothes specifically when I thrift, but I will cruise through the dresses and jeans to see if anything catches my eye. This sure did! I could wear this to Target on my fancy days… think of the possibilities haha!


I’m not usually one to thrift shoes either. I’m not above secondhand shoes at all! I just know that my feet sweat. They sweat. And I know I’m not alone in that.  So, I’m not overly keen on sharing foot sweat with a stranger. Although, if there is a shoe that involves a sock and is in pretty good condition, I’d definitely consider it! These were very cute! I’m loving a pointed toe these days, and the heel wasn’t so super high that you couldn’t wear them with a business casual outfit!


As you may know, I love changing up our dining room table! I love dressing it up and using a different theme for different holidays. (See my Dollar Store Halloween Table Decor here!) However, this time of year is a little more neutral because we don’t really have a holiday meal coming up until Easter. These chargers were very cool and for only $1 a piece would be a perfect affordable addition to your dining table! Chargers are another easy way to add texture to a space otherwise covered mostly in glassware.  Think about a cool layered dish set on top of this! I’d probably go crisp white dishes, but you really could go with any other color because the neutral charger is so versatile! I didn’t end up grabbing these because there were only two of each color and I didn’t love the idea of alternating on our small table. If there had been a matching set of four, you better believe I would own these now!


What are these? How do you play them? Do I shove this in my dvd player? I’d estimate these vintage antiques are probably from the early 1800’s. Really though, this is a cool set! They always have a ton of movies (mostly dvd’s, so don’t fret haha), so it’s worth looking through because sometimes there are some gems in there!



I physically had to pry this from my own hands and put it back because we don’t have a VHS player haha. I haven’t seen the new one yet, but I fully plan on having a girls day with myself and going to see this and laugh and cry into my XL buttered popcorn. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.



Here are the Nancy Drew books and vases I did end up buying! I talked about them in the video above, but I can’t keep myself from at least looking through the book section. I can’t believe someone got rid of these! They are in pristine condition and only $0.99 a piece! I loved Nancy Drew books growing up and I’m definitely going to hoard these for my future children (or to read on my own when I need a moment of nostalgia in my life). I also grabbed these two vases. They fit right in with that blue color I had in mind and had the prettiest design! They were $2.42 a piece, which is a little higher than I would normally spend on thrifted glassware of that size, but I decided to splurge because I wasn’t buying much else. I’m excited to fill them with greenery or flowers and add them to a space that needs a delicate pop of color!



I hope you liked this first Wednesday Thriftin’ and I can’t wait to do more!

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