Base Housing Decor Challenges and Zinus Bed Review!


For those of you who aren’t up to date with what’s going on with my life (because it’s so interesting and eventful… ha ha…) we just moved into a new house this past month! We were living in older Military base housing and were moved to a different area of base housing because our old house is being demolished for new housing to be built! Fun!

Anyways… I feel like this is the first real house we have ever lived in! We started in a teeny tiny apartment, moved to the old housing when we were relocated to this base (which was a house, but we were there for such a short time, I didn’t even unpack everything so it was difficult to really feel “at home” there), and now here we are!

I can say that I love the home we live in now! I feel that I can finally put all of those ideas from saved instagram and Pinterest posts from home decorators I love into action! While it is base housing (aka a rented space) I am limited in many ways when it comes to home decor. Basically I can’t do a whole lot when it comes to landscaping or remodeling… But it’s still fun to see what I can come up with creatively for rental homes and bounce ideas off of all of you renting peeps!

Now that I have everything at least into the general rooms of where it should be, I can finally start sharing these things with you as I go!

My first priority (and one of the things I was most excited for when we moved in here) was the fact that we could have a real working guest bedroom! We had a spare bedroom before but it mostly housed extra bins and boxes and the occasional air mattress when someone came into town. Needless to say, I was drooling over the idea of being able to decorate a beautiful space for our guests when they come to visit!

I looked at a ton of beds online on a variety of different furniture websites. I also looked through Facebook marketplace to see if anyone near us was getting rid of a queen sized bed for a reasonable price.  There were options there, but the problem was that we are a two-SUV household (aka we had no way to transport the bed without renting a truck which seemed like a whole thing).

As I was driving home, I saw one of our neighbors had a box out for the recycling that had the company name Zinus on the side. I was curious so when I got home, I looked the company up online. It almost seemed too good to be true. This company shipped beds and mattresses to your doorstep in a box, (or two boxes if you got both the bed and mattress) and you put it together yourself.

I instantly started reading every review I could find and looking up videos of how easy it was to assemble the bed.  I couldn’t find too many bad reviews (more so about customer service than the products themselves) so I decided to go for it. I ended up ordering the Mia Steel 1500H Platform Bed Frame in a Queen size, as well as the 10″ Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Queen Mattress.

I anxiously awaited the arrival of this bed mostly because I was excited to have a guest bedroom set up, but also because I was so intrigued by the idea of this entire bed being delivered to my doorstep!

FINALLY the bed arrived! Here is what I walked out to see:

bed box


I will say, it was HEAVIER THAN HECK (the bed at least) but I managed to get it into the house and up the stairs to the guest room.

I opened up the bed box first and found these materials along with step by step instructions:

bed materials.jpg

It was fairly easy to assemble, and I am not really that handy of a gal– Just good at following instructions!

Here is the time lapse of the bed assembly!


And here is a before and after! (The dogs were a huge help with their product testing skills!)

Fun fact! That map was an antique store find when we first moved here! I’m working on adding some more wall decor around that piece but I just haven’t found the right look yet!

Overall, this was a great experience! I would recommend Zinus if you need a guest bed for sure! I’m not sure of the life of the mattress because we’ve only had it for a few weeks and only one person has slept on it. So I’m not sure how well it would hold up as a primary, sleep on it every night mattress… but it works perfectly for us in this spare room!

Here’s the link to see more of what Zinus has available by way of beds!

Shop Zinus beds here!

I can’t wait to share more of this decor journey with you all!


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