(Mostly) Green Veggie Tray!

So I always said that the first few months of the year were meant to be the time for “working on my beach bod.” However, I didn’t really commit to that specific goal because I never actually went to the beach so whatever, as long as I was feeling good and my clothes fit, I was good to go!

Well… this was my first winter as a Florida resident. Therefore, I actually have a beach to go to… dun dun duuuuunnnn!!!

Okay truthfully speaking… I have a beach to go to, and I have a body. TahDah! Beach Bod. Done.

But I still enjoy eating well and working out so that I can feel my best.

This leads me to a few go-to recipes that we live by here in our house! One being this big ol’ veggie tray. It’s seriously the EASIEST thing ever!


-Seriously any veggie you want! For this specific tray, here is what I used:

  • 2 small Zucchini
  • 2 Poblano Peppers
  • 2 Jalapeño Peppers (Don’t add these if you don’t like spicy-ness!)
  • 2 Crowns of Broccoli
  • 1 pint of sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms (any mushrooms work, these were just on sale today)
  • 1 package of fresh Okra (I cut the ends off of each piece and then cut the okra in half so there’s more because it’s a fan fav over here)
  • As many green beans as you feel like snapping in half!
  • 2-3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper

** I also have used Kale and halved Brussels Sprouts in the past but my husband isn’t the biggest fan so I didn’t add them this time.

*** Sometimes I use different squash or carrots and it’s great too!

Now for how it’s done!

Step 1: Preheat oven to 425°

Step 2: Grab your biggest sheet tray and spray with cooking spray

Step 3: Slice all of those veggies! (You can cut them as big or as small as you’d like, I cut some things smaller so there seems like more, but it’s just your preference!


Step 4: Spread everything out evenly on the sheet tray


Step 5: Pour 2-3 Tbsp of Olive Oil (You can use any oil, I just prefer Olive) onto the veggies


Step 6: Sprinkle with ground black pepper and a pinch of salt (I don’t add too much else because the veggies have such great flavor on their own! I’ve added garlic powder in the past and it was good too!)

Step 7: Using your hands (or a spatula if you’re feeling fancy), spread everything around on the tray so it’s all evenly coated


Step 8: Pop the whole tray into the oven for about 20 minutes (cooking time may vary depending on your oven). Toss the veggies with a spatula halfway through cooking.

Step 9: Serve alongside rice and the protein of your choice!



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