Balancing Act

For the past few years, I really thought my journey through this life was orbiting around service to others– Specifically by shifting my energy toward helping people be better in every situation.  During the work day, I would try to stay calm during stressful situations in order to keep a positive energy in the space.  I would remain understanding whenever other people were voicing their thoughts.  I tried to do everything I could to help others learn a lesson during every encounter.

Throughout this time, I tried my best to take my own energy by the reigns.  Through mediation, journaling, diffusing oils, and drinking A LOT of herbal tea, I have continued down my own path to self-realization.  While this journey takes a lifetime, the sooner I found solace within myself, the sooner I found life’s obstacles getting less and less relevant to my happiness.

However, I have started to see these two things clash here and there.  Sometimes I am talking to someone and no matter what I say or how I act, they are still so filled with negative energy that there is no stopping them.  It was really starting to throw me out of kilter.  This is when I made the decision to categorize these situations as they come.  It became: “If you are not serving me or using this situation to make yourself better or to help me become better, then Scram. Go away. Scat.”

I don’t mean treat everyone as they treat you initially because sometimes first impressions can be rocky.  You may want to reach out and shake somebody right off the bat (see Be Patient Please).  You will soon see whether or not this can become a teachable moment.  If you see a window to help make that person better, go for it; but if the windows and doors are bolted shut, then you’re better off trying the next house.

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