“Because Why?”— Getting to the Root Of Your Problems

Most of us are familiar with the ever popular “Because Why?” banter that often occurs during conversations with young children. No matter how deeply you try to explain something, they always want to know more. While it is flattering that they think we know all of the answers, their persistent curiosity can end up being slightly irritating after awhile. Why can’t they just accept a definite answer and move on with the day? A very interesting question— which leads me to another: Why do we only accept a definite answer and move on with the day? Getting to the root of your problems can be easier than you think.

Even the most positive, happy, and successful people have challenging days; the ones when you feel like you’re in a rut and you can’t find the way out. Now and then, challenging days can result in a bit of a bad mood.We’ve all been there— a bunch of silly “bad” things happen which lead you to feel frustrated. You then take it out on someone else, leading you to feel remorse because you realize the other person literally had nothing to do with your flat tire or that you spilled coffee all over your white shirt. These are the moments when we need to take a step back and channel our inner 4-year-old:

“I’m angry with you.” Because Why? “Because my day is ruined.” Because Why? “Because I was late to work.” Because Why? “Because I woke up late.” Because Why? Because I was up late.” Because Why? “Because I was searching online.” Because Why? “Because I was looking for other income options.” Because Why? “Because I’m living paycheck to paycheck and need some relief.”

Therefore, you’re angry because of your current financial situation, not because Bob in the cubicle next to you was tapping his pencil too loudly. Take the time to find the root of your problem as opposed to letting trivial things build up and create a massive breakdown that doesn’t result in addressing the real issue.

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