eat the yogurt.

About a year ago, I travelled to Chicago to meet up with my best bud and go to the Justin Bieber concert. We are nowhere close to being ashamed, nor should we be, that we were planning this for months.  We even tried to get #BrunchwithBiebs trending.  Needless to say, four retweets later, we drag ourselves, empty-bellied and Bieberless, to brunch and indulged in bottomless mimosas like nothing ever happened.  Regardless of our attempts to hang with Justin in Chicago, we were just as excited to see the show than we ever were.  We hopped in car and drove to the venue, stood in line for our $9 beers (because Biebs), and found our seats amongst our much younger co-fans.  After the opening performances were done, we anxiously awaited the main event.  And as we sat in the the middle of the scream-littered audience, beaming with excitement as the strobe lights turned on and the fog machines warmed up, we could not imagine anything better in that moment.

At the exact second Justin’s backup dancers started their show and the music blasted the beginning chords of the song everyone actually knew all of the words to began, I looked around me; drinking in not only my beer, but the experience we had been waiting for for months! The music, the dancing, the Beibs! How could it get any better??

And then I looked to the woman next to me; She was probably in her 30’s, a few years older than us.  Amidst the screaming and jumping that surrounded her, she was seated in her chair, legs crossed, phone in hand, eating yogurt. My only thought was “What?? Justin Bieber is right there! RIGHT THERE! Jumping and singing and dancing! And you’re eating yogurt…”  I could not wrap my head around the fact that I physically nor mentally could fit one more ounce of excitement or joy into my being right now and all this lady cares about is whether or not her yogurt had enough granola.

For months, I was baffled every time I thought about that woman.  But since then I have found myself in situations where everyone around me was ‘in your face’ excited about something and I was the one sitting there, smiling politely, eating my yogurt.  The point is, don’t bring people down because of their level of excitement.  If something is really in your heart and has you beaming, you should be excited about it! How many things actually bring that genuine happiness? Drink it all in! Don’t think that other people are purposely trying to bring you down because that’s not always the case. And if you’re the one eating yogurt, that’s okay too! Sometimes yogurt is really good actually and it could be the best thing in that moment because you were looking forward to it all day.

We should be celebrating the excitement of others, even if it doesn’t emanate from within our own hearts.




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