Hey Y’all

So… This is a blog I reclaimed from my past-self.  Two-years-ago Briana was a totally different person then Present-Day Briana.  I am grateful for the person she was; she taught me about the things I always wanted to do but was too afraid, as well as reminding me of the ideas she had about herself which I no longer choose to entertain.  She was insecure, depressed at times, and confused about her purpose in life all while trying way too hard to find it.  I am grateful for her and for those struggles. Had I not known the girl I was back then, I would not be the strong, empowered woman I am today.  This blog will be filled with her stories and how she learned from this experiences, and grew as a woman who found her purpose inspiring, motivating, and lifting others to reach their full potential.  If you are able to find a similar person in your past, or similar qualities in the present, I hope that you are able to get acquainted with her and learn from yourself while opening your heart to the beautiful life you are meant to live.



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